What do we do?

By providing visibility into location of assets, personnel and customers, we create tools for organizations to better manage their processes, equipment and staff in terms of utilization, efficiency, safety and security. Our big data analysis helps management to make well-informed, smarter decisions for their business and bottom line.

Trekeye’s innovative platform combines the best of two worlds: proprietary technology to enable accuracy, robustness, scalability and high performance with underlying standard technology to enable affordability, quick deployment and easy integration to IoT and legacy systems.

System Components

Tags – Marker tags are attached to objects of interest needed to be monitored (assets, people etc.). Tags may be implemented in various forms, such as worker ID cards, keychains and wristbands. The tags are small and battery operated.

Detectors – Detectors are deployed throughout the monitored area. In typical installations detectors are connected to regular power outlets, although in some cases, they can be battery operated.

Local Processing Stations – A small, powerful processing unit that intercepts data from detectors within its vicinity, performs preliminary analysis and sends information to the system server (on cloud or on premise). In a special configuration, the local processing units form a dedicated mesh network, allowing full connectivity without relying on existing communication infrastructure.

IoT ecosystem - As BLE is the underlying technology of our platform, we use standard mobile devices to communicate, monitor and configure different elements in the systems. Special applications support installation, setup and ongoing maintenance – to make deployment of the system fast, clean and simple.

Integration and API – We supply comprehensive application programmer interface to enable third party ability to develop and implement their own applications using our location engine abilities.