Trekeye’s real time micro-location platform helps you save time and money, as well as provide better service to your patients. Our solution effectively deals with the two biggest challenges traditional RTLS solutions presnt to clients: high price and complex deployment that requires highly qualified technicians. Our solution is based on innovative technology and architecture, producing high quality location services at low cost. The deployment of our system is fast, simple and clean. Most elements are wireless and battery operated - making it ideal for a medical facility environment.

Asset Tracking
Make your facility as efficient as possible by knowing the location of all assets all the time. Improve medical staff and patients satisfaction by reducing the time spent searching for medical devices. Receive periodic inventory reports for better utilization of equipment. Automate processes by using our rule engine to define your set of criteria for action – once a criterion is fulfilled or violated, a pre-defined action is automatically triggered.

Patient Identification
Patient misidentification is recognized as a root cause for many medical errors. Increase patient safety with trekeye’s innovative positive patient identification application. Our solution enables medical staff to wirelessly and automatically identify a patient in their immediate vicinity, using standard mobile devices. Digitizing the process will ensure proper patient identification prior to any medical intervention and provide safer care with significantly fewer errors.

Workflow Optimization
We generate comprehensive and clear reports, providing decision makers and managers with the information they need for taking better informed decisions. Applying big data analysis over the accumulated location data can generate actionable insights in large variety of areas, such as patients queue flow, inventory management, bottlenecks detection and understanding the reasons for their creation.


Trekeye’s IIoT micro-location solution designed to accurately locate physical assets in complex environments, common in the industrial world. Our patent-pending architecture offers optimized solution for large spaces, with multitude of metallic objects in an environment that is constantly changing.

Asset Tracking
Get real-time location of all objects and people in your facility. Trekeye’s micro location solution is suitable for industrial environments and offers accuracy level that can be adjusted specifically to your needs.

Performance Analytics
Measure performance parameters at your facility, such as wait times at different work stations and history of movement of your objects of interest. Our solution will learn your environment and perform predictive analysis, aimed to detect bottlenecks at an early stage and send a warning alert in real time.

Composite materials are usually kept at sub-zero temperature freezers. Amount of time each composite can spend at room-level temperatures is often referred to as out-time, and is usually limited to several hundred hours. Trekeye’s IIoT real time micro-location platform automatically measures the out-time of composite materials, handles scheduling of composites, and alerts once a composite is close to reach its out-time limit.


Trekeye’s micro-location platform gives your physical assets a digital voice, receives continuous data regarding their status and significantly improves your logistics and transportation services

Asset Tracking
Find all your physical objects in a matter of seconds, with an accuracy level of your choice ('accuracy-on-demand').
Create geo-fences around your facility and receive informative alerts whenever an item enters or leaves a defined area.

Inventory Management
Perform accurate wireless inventory count in a push of a button, or periodically. Receive automatic alert in case an item is missing. Generate statistic inventory reports to better understand patterns and anticipate problems.

Use our solution to keep track of your assets while they are on the road. Get real-time data about the location of cargo and its condition - temperature, pressure or even potential damage.